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   Rodeo Bible Camp is a ministry to kids with the purpose to change their lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It costs about $ 28,000 to fund this camp. Registration fees are kept as low as possible with some scholarships available. If you are interested in becoming a supporter of RBCO please go to Sponsor Form and send us your information!  ​There are many avenues in which you can be a part.  Our Sponsor form lists the areas that are available:) We Appreciate all of you that help support this work for Jesus!!


Cowboy Church of Oregon

Mike Baker

Crooked River Needle Works

Buck and Yvette Moore

Tom & Susan Crabb

Frontline Missions Ministries

Jeff Besotes

Loretta Sexton

Steak On The Hoof

Steve & Pam Tucker

Karen Paulson

Larry Burnett

Annie Sexton

Tanya Nobles

Lawrence & Nora Dysert

Gary & Dana Millin

Hershey Cattle Company

Word of Victory

Strasco Enterprises Inc

And many others

 Thank You!

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​​    Thank you Rodeo Bible Camp of Oregon and its sponsors! Without your support my son wouldn't be able to attend the Camp last year. We have no horse and no gear and no extra money. He had fun and learned a lot about rodeo and himself, but most of all about the love of God.    

                                                    Thank you,


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