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Camp Information

 Below is answers to common questions:

     Registration is at 9:00 a.m. to noon for both camps the first day.  There is also orientation after lunch then clinics will start.  The day to day schedule will be in the camper booklets given in registration but it basically goes as listed below...

    Morning chapel, clinics, lunch, clinics, dinner, chapel, lights out at 10:00 pm. The rodeo is the last day of camp.  On rodeo day we will offer lunch to all the parents and campers at 11:00 and then after lunch the rodeo will start!  The rodeo usually starts around noon and the awards will follow. 

    You are more than welcome to give a ride to other campers, their parents do not need to be present as long as they have their paperwork notarized. (We have a notary on site for parents who couldn't get to one before camp).

     So in a nut shell our camp is set up so that you go to clinics the first three days in three events that you choose. Then you rodeo on the last day in two of the three events.  You attend Chapel in the morning and at night.

     Yes the campers do stay over night.  The Senior Camp is 5 days and 4 nights and the Junior camp is 3 days and 2 nights.  The camp is located at Tygh Valley fairgrounds and the girls stay in one building and the boys stay in another. We recommend the campers to bring a cot or pad to sleep on. On sign in day they are assigned a counselor that will sleep in the same area as they are and keep tabs on them throughout camp. 


     As for fun activities, we keep the kids pretty busy in their clinics but have one of the evening meetings set up to have games and object lessons to help them connect with each other and to understand the message we bring.  Also after evening chapel they have "run around" time and a snack before bed.


    If they have their own horses, we would like them to bring them.  There are stalls that they can keep them in and they are to bring their own hay.  The experience level can be from very first time to ride a horse or have been riding all their lives, we meet the level they are at.

If you have questions about what to bring or what is not allowed click here.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask or email we will be checking during the week!

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