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Senior camp dates: 

June 16-20, 2024 


Senior Camp

Senior Camp is for students in 8th-12th grade, meaning the student is finished with 8th grade and is going into 8th.

If they have just graduated from 12th grade, this will be the last summer they may attend. ​

Please make checks payable to Rodeo Bible Camp of Oregon (or just RBCO).


Registration deadline is June 1

Special Notes to all the Parents.

Please make checks payable to Rodeo Bible Camp of Oregon (or just RBCO) or pay online.

Registration deadline is June 1


 PLEASE NOTE that some pages requiring notarization will still need to be handed over in person .  Also, by signing the release forms you are also releasing your child to be photographed and their photo possibly published on our website.  If that is a problem please make note.   See registration page for more information.

​SORRY, but enrollment is limited. Anyone NOT registered by June 1, should check to be certain that space is available by calling Amy Hershey at (541) 480-1690.


 There will be helmets available for any boy that is registered in the Bullriding. It is your choice if you would like them to use one. Please email us indicating if you would like your child to use a helmet. We will make note and notify instructors. You use them at your own risk. 

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