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Welcome to RBCO 2023!
   There is only SR Camp this year! (8th thru 12th grade)
Registration opens May 1, 2023
* There are some new additions and changes to camp.  
1)  Camp fees have been increased.  We have endeavored to keep camp affordable so the increase reflects that.
2)  If you want to be in any roping event
you must have your own rope horse.
3)  DO NOT leave your horse at home!  We cannot provide horses for everyone so if you have one you MUST bring it.  

There is information pages on this website.  Please visit those pages
 so that we can answer the questions you may have:) 
(look at Camp Info page and FAQ page)
We are looking to re-structure the Junior Camp so be looking for the new and improved camp in 2024!
If you would like to support RBCO.


A place to meet Jesus!

Rodeo Bible Camp is a unique blend of Biblical teaching and rodeo instruction. These camps geared to help each youth develop their people skills, rodeo skills and living skills-and have a great time doing it. ​The camp is for youth entering 6th through 12th grade. No experience is necessary to attend. However, the camps usually attract the youth who are currently participating in other rodeo activities, or would like to learn.

Our purpose is to present cowboys and cowgirls, and whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior. To disciple them in their commitment to make Jesus, Lord of their lives and in the fellowship of the church.

Our desire, as cowboys and cowgirls, is to use our rich western heritage to reach across this great nation, ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you to the Sponsors!

     We want to give the opportunity to be a part

of this outreach.  RBCO

is a ministry that is worth getting  behind!  Your support is appreciated and is what helps us continue to reach kids and adults for Jesus!!

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